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About American DND

American Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning, Inc., is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) formed in 2004. We perform demolition and decommissioning (D&D) and environmental remediation nationally for government, industrial, and commercial clients. American DND was founded by Bill Schaab, a life-long professional contractor who has worked as an owner or officer of many public and private companies in the industry over his 40-year career, including decommissioning contractors both large and small.

American DND is part of an integrated group of companies whose mission is to provide safe, regulatory compliant, efficient, and cost-effective decommissioning of nuclear power plants and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities in cold shutdown. Of the 19 U.S. nuclear power plants that have been or are in the process of being decommissioned to date, American DND personnel have worked to decommission and/or demolish eight of those facilities. American DND management has more diverse decommissioning experience under one roof than any other firm in the industry. In addition to our work in the nuclear power and environmental cleanup industries, American DND performs large-scale demolition and Brownfield development projects for other public and private clients.

American DND’s focus and specialty is in providing infrastructure support and demolition support to contractors and owners performing decommissioning projects.

American DND’s institutional experience successfully performing demolition projects has provided us our firm with vast lessons learned. Our clients who are embarking on their own decommissioning activities appreciate the resource provided by this repository of knowledge and our unparalleled expertise in the industry.

We have found that D&D projects with the highest potential for success are ones in which the owner includes experienced demolition personnel in early planning stages. American DND works with our clients during this phase to help lay the foundation for a safe and problem-free decommissioning plan.

The foundation of a decommissioning plan includes solid groundwork for both tangible functions and intangible behavioral aspects. American DND personnel augment the staff and facilitate each of these tangible and intangible functions by helping the client manage the constant day-to-day change encountered on a project as they proceed down the path to decommissioning. American DND is versatile: we can function as a mentor, facilitating the change, or if necessary and beneficial to the client, we can perform both the tangible and intangible aspects.

The assets, technologies, skills, and behavior necessary to operate a nuclear plant are quite different from the talents, means and methods, equipment, and focus necessary to safely demolish the same nuclear plant. Despite the differences, American DND recognizes the constants across both sides of the business, including:

  • Dedication to safety as a core value
  • Achieving 100% regulatory compliance
  • Good environmental stewardship
  • Ethical and professional working environment

American DND helps clients bridge the gap from operating a facility to full-scale demolition operations. Our personnel are schooled demolition professionals who have successfully made the transition and readily share those past experiences with clients new to the process.

The decommissioning of a facility is a step-by-step process, and American DND guides clients each step of the way. American DND is equally competent and experienced in assisting clients with the initial intangibles and tangibles of their projects, as detailed below.

Initial Tangible Functions

  • Review original construction specifications and blueprints for materials inventory
  • Destructive testing and investigation to further qualify and quantify environmental materials affecting waste stream and demolition considerations
  • Conduct environmental site assessments that affecting demolition and waste stream considerations
  • Provide Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) estimates
  • Review operating history of the facility from an environmental stewardship standpoint
  • Consider waste streams and plan for waste disposition pathways
  • Develop departmental operating budgets during decommissioning stages
  • Support RFP development

Initial Intangible Considerations

  • Perform regulatory capital assessments
  • Develop high-level managerial transition plans
  • Establish the contractual basis for decommissioning activities
  • Assess and analyze line management and staff personnel
  • Steer behavior and attitudes toward decommissioning
  • Implement integrated safety management

Decommissioning Operations Functions

  • Waste transportation and disposal options and logistics
  • Demolition equipment management and maintenance
  • Asset recovery considerations
  • Recycling/reuse considerations including beneficial reuse opportunities
  • Work plan and task package implementation and oversight
  • Field managerial oversight and integration
  • Craft training and supervision

The American DND team of professionals is a group of people defined by our can-do attitudes and commitment to the mission to get the job done in a safe, regulatory compliant, environmentally friendly, and professional manner. Our performance goal of safety as a core value and our commitment to understanding the client’s culture and sensitivities have contributed to a multitude of successful decommissioning projects for our clients over the years.

The Principle of the 6 P’s

American DND utilizes the following principle on every project we perform:

Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.

Once the project is properly planned, our professionals implement a successful work plan and model following the motto “Plan the work, and then work the plan.”

American DND professionals have vast experience specifically where it matters most—where the rubber meets the road. Our work planning places an especially strong emphasis on using plain and clear language to make our plans easily understood by craft and other personnel and—most importantly—to help workers in the field buy into the project’s success. This is also achieved by empowering workers by involving them in the planning stages of the project and seeking their perspective on day-to-day project performance.

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