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Safety First

It is no accident that American DND’s team plans and performs our clients’ projects safely. We champion safety as our highest core value and incorporate safety into every aspect of the work.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ranks demolition, decommissioning, and environmental remediation activities among the most dangerous activities for workers at risk of a health- or safety-related accident or incident. A major reason for the heightened danger of these activities is the ever-changing and evolving environment inherent to any D&D or environmental remediation project: the starting conditions change each day of work as demolition or cleanup of a site or facility progresses and new portions of the structure are reached. While on one day, a preexisting stairwell can be used to access part of the facility or a preexisting handrail or tie-off location can be used to ensure worker protection, the very next day that same stairwell, handrail, or tie-off location may no longer exist due to having been demolished; new means of access and safety solutions must be continuously identified and agreed upon.

Because of our industry’s unique and ever-present safety risks, American DND’s owners, officers, and senior management have worked to establish and maintain safety as our number-one core value for every aspect of work on every project.

The management team at American DND consists of leaders proficient in change management as it relates to the daily execution of work tasks, recognizing and planning for hazards before they occur and ensuring the entire project team goes home safely.

Continually changing site conditions are inherently dangerous and pose numerous challenges in achieving appropriate communication, training, and employee awareness and ensuring adequate protection. Our safety program was developed to specifically address these unique challenges. Recognizing the significance of individual responsibility in maintaining a safe work environment, American DND continually emphasizes to each and every supervisor and laborer working on its projects that safety is job#1.

The goal and focus of American DND’s safety program are to maintain our zero-incident safety rating, meaning:

  • Zero incidents
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero first aid events
  • Zero OSHA recordables

We have successfully attained this goal for more than 19 years now.

As a provider of D&D and environmental remediation services, American DND recognizes that we are in the people business, as people are essential to the performance of all the services we offer. As the most valuable asset, the well-being of every person on a D&D project can only be guaranteed by a disciplined and integrated approach, dedication, and constant attention to safe work performance. Our commitment to safety is a guarantee that the people on our projects will return home safely to their families every workday.

The central component of our extensive and all-encompassing organizational approach to safety is our comprehensive Health and Safety Plan (HASP). The HASP is used to guide project personnel in establishing site- and project-specific procedures, work plans, and safe means and methods for daily work performance. American DND’s HASP is founded on extensive lessons learned that have been captured during our company and founder’s performance of dozens of decommissioning jobs since 1980, cumulatively valued at more than $1 billion, including industrial, manufacturing, nuclear, and governmental projects.

To learn more about our basic principles and approach to safety, a link to a PDF outlining the general components that constitute our corporate HASP can be found here. In addition to our HASP, American DND subscribes to and implements Behavior-Based Safety and Integrated Safety Management (ISM) programs to bolster and facilitate the work ethic, attitude, and approach that best support safe decommissioning work. These additional safety tools foster our company-wide, team approach to safety—we actively promote an understanding among our team that every person on every job possesses unencumbered stop-work authority and is free to express their opinions, concerns, and questions on any task. Our zero-incident safety track record is evidence of the great value of always involving workers in work planning and safety considerations.