National SDV Contractor performing Demolition; Dismantling; Wrecking; Environmental Remediation; Hazardous Waste Clean Up; and complete Decommissioning Services for Industry, Power Facilities, Manufacturers, Chemical Plants, Brownfield Development, and Governmental Agencies.

An outline of services is broken down according to the basic steps of a decommissioning project:

Initial Planning

  • Environmental assessments as related to decommissioning options.
  • Long term goal planning
  • Beneficial reuse of facilities property
  • “Greenfield” Options
  • FERC Estimates
  • Impacts of operating history on demolition means and methods
  • Facility constraints/restrictions to be placed on demolitions
  • Demolition impacts to existing facility operations
  • Waste stream consideration and impacts on demolition activities, public infrastructure and transportation logistics.

Managerial Considerations

  • Regulatory “Capital” Assessment
  • Level 1 Managerial Transition Plans
  • Contracting basis for decommissioning functions
  • Time & Material
  • Cost Plus Fee
  • Firm Fixed Price (Lump Sum)
  • Security and Site Logistics Considerations/Constraints

Start of Work

  • Contractor RFP Development
  • Contractor Prequalifications and Review
  • Assist with Bid Walks
  • Integrated Safety Management Implementation (ISM)
  • Waste Disposal
  • Options for Waste Disposition
  • Waste Minimization/Optimization Plans
  • Transportation Logistics and RFP Development

Performing Work

  • Demolition Equipment Management/Leasing Arrangements
  • Continuous Improvement Monitoring at Craft Level
  • Determining ISM Effectiveness
  • Procedural Review and Implementation Analysis of Work Plans at Craft Level
  • Monitor Behavioral Change/Transitions at Craft Level
  • Safety Incentive Programs
  • Root Cause Analysis and Lessons Learned
  • Labor Relations Enhancements
  • In both Union and Labor Shop Environments
  • Work Monitoring Controls and Tracking
  • QA/QC Oversight Functions.