The American DND Corporate and Project Team Mission can be summed up in one word:


This simple Mission Statement can be further elaborated on and broken down to the following:

  • Performance in Safety
  • Performance in Compliance
  • Performance in Field Operations
  • Performance in Customer Satisfaction
  • Performance in Ethical Business Operations

Our Performance Goals are set by striving to achieve the following:

  • ZERO Accidents
  • ZERO OSHA Recordables
  • ZERO Lost Time Accidents
  • ZERO Total Recordable Case Rate
  • ZERO DART Rate
  • TOTAL Compliance in Regulatory & Contractual Matters
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction in the performance of hired services.
  • 100% Transparent culture of striving to perform to the highest Ethical Standards in our Industry.

Since our inception in 2004, American DND has achieved each of our Performance Goals by performing over a 600,000+ man hours of work and dozens of projects with a “Zero” Safety Rating across the board.

American DND has achieved a “Target Zero” safety rating since 2004.

Additionally, since formation in 2004, American DND has NEVER been cited for any type of violation, citation, or any type of regulatory non-compliant matters, and we have always completed ALL work within the Contract terms and Conditions without ANY form of legal or judicial intervention of any kind.

American DND has been successful in obtaining these Performance Rated Goals by proactively following our “6-P’s” mantra which is

“Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

And, the dedication to the simple cultural Vision that

SAFETY is Job #1.

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