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Resources Available

Decommissioning, demolition, and environmental cleanup are people businesses, and that is why our people are our most valuable asset. Given the unique hazards, the jobs we perform require use of highly specialized equipment and tools. American DND possesses the right professional management personnel and equipment to perform projects from the simplest to the most complex. We integrate our professional management personnel and specialty equipment seamlessly with clients’ existing infrastructure and internal project management teams. In every step of every job, American DND is customer service-oriented.

Personnel Available

Disciplines, specialties, and skills that our D&D and environmental cleanup professionals have to offer include the following:

  • Senior managerial professionals immediately available for travel to any project to perform strategic planning, logistics, prioritization, and resource deployment
  • Health and safety professionals experienced with the demolition/environmental interface, including many with EMT, hazmat, and first aid certifications
  • Mid-level management professionals trained in hazmat emergency response operations, such as project managers, superintendents, foremen, and leads capable of coordinating, executing, overseeing, and facilitating work in the field, including supervising actual work crews, coordinating efforts with other contractors, ensuring appropriate infrastructure support, maintaining equipment, and interfacing with the customer
  • Experienced demolition craft workforce of disciplined professionals including the following roles:
    • Heavy equipment operators
    • Demolition laborers
    • Demolition burners/high burners
    • Riggers
    • Millwrights
    • Mechanics
    • Facilitators/expeditors

Equipment Available

The following specialty equipment is nationally available to perform environmental remediation and marine- or land-based demolition projects. Transportation is available to support and facilitate the equipment operations.

Barges – Flat deck barges, hopper barges, rock barges, debris/garbage barges, drop deck barges, work barges

Available sizes:

  • 10 ft wide x 20–40 ft long
  • 20 ft wide x 30–60 ft long
  • 30 ft wide x 50–80 ft long
  • 40 ft wide x 60–120 ft long
  • 50 ft wide x 70–300 ft long
  • 60 ft wide x 90–140 ft long
  • 100 ft wide x 300 ft long

Tugs – 300–3,000 hp, 30–150 ft long


  • Rubber-tire cherry picker cranes with 15-ton to 80-ton capacity and 80-ft maximum length boom
  • Rubber-tire hydraulic cranes with 25-ton to 150-ton capacity and 180-ft maximum length boom
  • Crawler cranes with 40-ton to 350-ton capacity, 300-ft maximum length boom, and 80-ft maximum length jib

    Available crane attachments:

    • Clam buckets
    • Muck buckets
    • Vibratory hammers/extractors
    • Hydraulic pile/casion drivers
    • Pneumatic and high-pressure jetting systems
    • Drag lines
    • Winches capable of lifting loads up to 1,000 tons
    • Concrete pulverizers
    • Rigging, slings, and shackles
    • Spreader bars for millwright
    • Lifting operations

Hydraulic Excavators

  • 50,000–75,000 lb
  • 76,000–100,000 lb
  • 101,000–125,000 lb
  • 126,000–200,000 lb
  • 201,000–300,000 lb

High-Reach Excavators ­– 75–125 ft high

Available demolition work attachments:

  • Grapples
  • Shears
  • Buckets
  • Thumbs with bucket
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Concrete pulverizers
  • Stump grinders

Mobile Concrete-Crushing Equipment – Jaw crushers, primary crushers, impact crushers

LGP Dozers ­­– Mid-size to large

Rubber-Tire Front End Loaders – Mid-size to large

Fuel Delivery Trucks

  • 2,000–5,000 gallon straight trucks
  • 4,000–9,000 gallon tanker trucks

Off-Road Dump Trucks – All sizes

Roll-Off Trucks with Containers ­– 40-yd containers

Dump Trailers­ ­– 60–100 yd

Straight Trucks

Skid-Steer Loaders ­– 50­–100 hp

Sewer-Cleaning Equipment

  • Combination flusher/vacuum sewer-cleaning trucks
  • High-volume vacuum trucks
  • High-pressure water-blasting equipment (for smaller-diameter sewer lines)
  • Drag winches
  • CCTV video inspection equipment

Pressure-Washing Equipment (for surface-cleaning applications)

  • 10,000–40,000 PSI high-pressure water blasters
  • Steam cleaners
  • Hot/cold pressure washers
  • 3,000-PSI gas pressure washers

HEPA Filtered Vacuums ­– All sizes

Wet Vacs and Wet/Dry Vacuum Trucks

NADCA-Certified Duct Cleaning/HVAC Cleaning and Associated Equipment

Dry-Ice Mold Eradication Process

Solid Waste and C&D Waste Landfills

C&D Waste Transfer Stations

  • 80­–110 cubic yard railcars for rail transportation of debris
  • Rail logistics for rail transport services

Infrastructure Support – Dedicated fuel supply, generators