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Nuclear Power Plant

The Owners and Officers of American DND have previously been responsible for and participated in the decommissioning and demolitions of the following commercial nuclear power plant facilities:

  • Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
  • Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Plant
  • Trojan Nuclear Power Plant
  • Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant
Yankee Rowe Atomic Energy Co. Rowe, MA.
Turbine building pedestals prior to softening with explosives
Hydraulic and pneumatic drill utilized to drill charge holes in the turbine pedestals
Drilling additional charge holes. Drilling was completed by CDI
Exterior building preparations to control fly rock from explosives
Exterior of turbine building fully prepped prior to blasting
Test Blast to determine proper loading of explosives
Very softened pedestal
Ideal softened pedestal
Post softening conventional demolition of turbine building
Continued demolition of turbine building
Complete demolition of turbine building. Turbine pedestal waste was covered under poly tarps in preparation for loadout.
Post Loadout and cleanup of turbine building
Vapor containment stack removal
Stack removal #2
Stack removal #3
Vapor containment staircase removal
Vapor containment structure with stack and staircase fully removed
Vapor containment plate removal
Plate removal #2
All top plates fully removed
Plate removal #3
Continued removal of vapor containment structure
Vapor containment leg removal
Leg removal #2
Leg removal #3
Leg removal #4
Complete removal of vapor containment structure with pressurized water reactor exposed

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